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Projects seeking support:

"Connecting helpful people with needy communities".
All of the projects below are currently seeking support to bring them to fruition. Mission International would like to connect your church, school or community group with one of these projects via 'Support Link'. Your involvement could be in terms of fundraising in the UK or it might be that you would like to take a team of people to share expertise, talents and know-how with those who are in great need. Please consider how best you can help the projects below. Your group can have sole responsibility for a project or can partner with another group to reach the completion and fulfillment of the project.


Buffalo project - in support of those with leprosy. This project is with GEM (Gideon Evangelical Ministries) Pastor Nathaniel Vara Prasad. http://gideon-evangelical-ministries.blogspot.com/ I have not fully worked out the detail on this project yet but I expect it to work out between £3000 - £4000. The idea is to purchase a number of milking buffaloes (the use these instead of cows). The buffaloes will be expected to give birth and so as part of that process there will be a zero milk period, at that point a further group of Buffaloes will be purchased allowing for a round the year provision of milk. The idea is to provide milk for the leprosy sufferers as well as have some to sell thus creating an income generating project as well as one beneficial to the group in terms of health.   For more information click here.
Mountain of Jesus Ministries - Rev Sammy George. Lahore area of Pakistan
Project 1: Repairing shelters for those who have been made homeless by fundamentalists in Pakistan. Many Christian people, who are hated by the fundamentalists have been brutalized and left destitute. £100 per shelterProject 2: Rebuilding the homes of those who lost everything during the attacks on Christian compounds. Cost of rebuilding one home £3000   For more information click here

Bweyogerere Multi Purpose Primary School - Pastor Emmanuel Winye Sunday
Project 1: Completion of Kitchen and Toilet projects for school, church and orphanage. Cost £6000
Project 2: Purchase of up to five cows (depending on breed available) this will provide milk to school children and senior citizens. Cost £1000   For more information click here.
Rev Nathan Amooti (pronounced Ah-mow-tee) - construction of a roof on 'The Mango Tree Church' an Anglican church in the capital city Kigali in the township of Gikondo (Pronounced Ji-cone-doh). This pastor is a real church planter, he sees churches grow wherever he is sent. Recently he left a large church and went to this run down and very small church. Now the church is growing but it is in a very poor area of the capital city. He needs funding to finish the church building, the congregation has been meeting out of doors and services are continually interrupted by rain nowadays. To complete the church roof will be in the region of £14,000, however the Church is also doing some fundraising locally and they will contribute to this as much as they can.   For more information click here.

Refugee returnee homes: About 900.000 refugees are now returning to Burundi from DR Congo and Tanzania now that the war has finished in Burundi. Refugees are given about 6 months support from the Govt/international aid after that they are on their own. They arrive back in the country with no more than they stand up in and so find it very difficult to establish themselves. Basic homes consisting of 2 bedrooms, a living/dining area, an outside kitchen and a pit latrine will cost in the region of £2000. These homes will be built in such a way that they can be extended in the future once the families get on their feet.

Homes for Medical workers in Nyembuye: Nyembuye is a very rural village community in the province of Matana near the town of Rutana. Rema Ministries have opened a medical centre there and Mission International is helping them fund a water supply to the centre and to the community costing £10,000, a further need that they have is to build homes for medical personnel who currently travel in to the centre but transport is a problem and emergency care is unavailable in the centre when staff are not present. Rema would like to build homes for the medical staff adjacent to the centre costing £??
For more information click here

Rema Ministries Strategic Support: Rema Ministries is the partner of and host organisation for Mission International in Burundi. The men and women who serve with Rema are all returnees and have families to support. These men and women are key to the future of the nation, they serve in areas of Bible teaching, HIV/Aids training, translation of materials into Kirundi, Reconciliation ministry between factions etc. We hope to be able to help them set up income generating projects so that they are able to stay in the ministry. A £1000 grant can allow a Rema team member to set up an income generating project allowing them to remain serving the Lord.
    People for Jesus Ministries - Pastor Tom Opiyo (pronounced Oh-Pee-Yo) This ministry is serving the Maasai people.
    Project 1 - Water supply project - 2x10,000 litre, large PVC water tanks will be erected and filled with water to provide water for the local people and their livestock., the cost of this project is £2000 + £500 to fill the tanks with water.
    Project 2 - purchase of village land (0.5ha) for a church building - £6000
    Project 3 - construction of a church building on rural land - £12000
    Project 4 - Construction of town church - £20,000   For more information click here.
      Pastor Peter Awane (pronounced Ah-wah-neh) Foundation to Improve lives in Africa (FILA). Zuarungu Community Children and Youth Development Center. This center is attached to a church in the Upper East Region of Ghana near Bolgatanga. The church ministry also has a part completed school serving some 400 children who are currently not being educated. The school requires funding to complete it. Funds required - £10,000 to complete the school.  For more information click here

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      If you would like to support one of these projects please get in touch with us on mail@mission-international.org
      Mission International has many small income generating projects which also require funding. Please go to our Global Sponsor pages to find out more.

      Thursday, 26 November 2009


      Support Link
      "Linking helpful people and needy communities".
      Refugee returnees in Burundi
      Refugees from Tanzania in makeshift church
      Basic school classroom makes it possible for education to begin.

      The purpose of Support Link is to make a connection or a LINK between churches and other community groups in the UK with those who are in need of SUPPORT in the developing world.

      Your group can get hands on involvement with a project in the developing world. The opportunities which can arise from this are enormous. The experience in terms of ministry, service and global citizenship is very worthwhile at home and abroad. Aimless people can find a real purpose and needy communities can find help at the same time. Communities here and those abroad can find a connection which can last into the future and a great deal of useful mutual benefit can arise from such an enterprise.

      If you would like to see your church or group become involved in such a venture then please get in touch with us on mail@mission-international.org